Area Committee System

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Coop.  with Professional Comm.
Digital Communication
Literature (Ad Hoc)
Public Information
Treatment Facilities
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Standing Subcommittee 

Archives encourages fellow DCMs to collect ongoing updates on group and district
histories, requesting group/district chronicles of none currently exist. In conjunction
with the Area Archivist, collects historical information about Eastern Pennsylvania’s
groups, districts and the Area.

Cooperation With The Professional Community (CPC) The area C.P.C.
subcommittee studies ways to cooperate with professionals while keeping within AA
traditions, with special emphasis on Traditions 6, 8, 10, 11 and 12. The
subcommittee makes specific suggestions to the area committee regarding
sponsorship of professionals; cooperates with other area subcommittees when
communication with professionals in specific subjects needs to be addressed; is
responsible for communicating directly with professionals when required; and is
responsible for staffing exhibit booths in certain circumstances.

Corrections provides sharing on the challenges which arise in carrying the AA
message into correctional facilities in the area; facilitates the Area’s “First Contact” program and encourages the districts’ interest in this form of twelfth step work.

Finance assists the area committee, districts and groups on matters of finance and
shares on the principles of the Seventh Tradition.

Grapevine develops awareness of the spiritual benefit derived from the Grapevine
publication as an aid in recovery and 12th Step work; maintains current contact list of
district Grapevine chairpersons and keeps them informed of ongoing Grapevine

Public Information (PI) assists the districts to inform the general public and the AA
membership of ways to carry the message, such as workshops literature kits, and
radio and television public service announcements. THE EPGSA website,, is the responsibility of the Public Information Committee. (Major
changes to the website require full area committee approval.)

Structure addresses matters of area structure referred by the area committee;
explores ways in which continuity and communication between the various services
entities in Eastern Pennsylvania might be improved such as coordinating DCM
workshops and, when necessary, updating the Area Structure manual and area map
indicating district boundaries.

Treatment Facilities (TF) provides assistance on the challenges which can arise in
carrying the AA message into treatment facilities in the area; encourages interest in
this form of 12th Step work; facilitates the Area “Bridging the Gap”  program.