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Address for Contributions Effective 3/1/21
Payable to: EPGSA
Mail to:
Area 59 Treasurer
525 S 13th St Unit C
Philadelphia, PA 19147
Officer At Large
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(all Area Officers)

The Delegate attends the week-long General Service Conference in New York as
well as other regional, state, area and local AA functions; carries to each of these the collective group conscience and considerations of Eastern Pennsylvania and reports to the area the news and information of Alcoholics Anonymous worldwide. He/She also serves as liaison to the Area Convention Committee. The delegate’s other primary duties are outlined in the AA Service Manual.

The Alternate Delegate assists the delegate and helps keep informed of Conference
and area activities; assumes the delegate’s duties in his/her absence; serves as area
liaison to Intergroups and central offices.

The Chairperson chairs the quarterly pre-area meetings at which the agenda is
planned; chairs the area committee meetings and the mini-assemblies; and keeps
informed of all area activities through close contact with other officers and

The Secretary records the minutes at the area meetings and functions; prepares the minutes and distributes them to the area committee and past delegates; maintains current records; updates DCM and ADCM listings; maintains an area calendar of activities; and is custodian of the area’s video library.

The Treasurer records and acknowledges group contributions; maintains the area’s
bank accounts; pays all of the bills incurred by the area committee; submits “group
contributions” lists to each DCM, and financial statements quarterly/annually to the
area committee.

The Officer-At-Large assumes the duties of the chairperson, the secretary or the
treasurer if and when it becomes necessary; is chairperson of the Area’s mini-assembly planning meetings; is custodian of the area’s properties which are secured
in a commercial storage facility; maintains and keeps current all group information.

In addition to these duties, each officer is named by the delegate to serve as an
advisor to an area subcommittee. As the fellowship continues to expand, it may be
necessary to reassign duties or appropriate individual ones in order to maintain a
balance of service among the officers.