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Connecting Alcoholics who are just coming out of treatment, correctional or other institutions with a Temporary Contact to help introduce them to the AA Program

The Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous offers a program designed to assist new members after their release from treatment and correctional facilities.  This service is commonly referred to as the “Bridging the Gap” or the “Temporary Contact” program.  Simply put, a Temporary Contact is an AA member who volunteers to work with other alcoholics after they are discharged from an institution.  By accompanying the new member to as many as six meetings (in person or online), the volunteer helps the new member “Bridge the Gap” between the facility and Alcoholics Anonymous in their community.​

Area 59 has a Bridging the Gap Coordinator to maintain the databases of volunteers, requestors and resources.  The Coordinator may be reached via email: If you would like to volunteer, would like to take advantage of these services, or just want more information on the program, please either email the Coordinator or complete one of the forms linked below.​

AA Volunteer (click to volunteer)

Temporary Contact Volunteer Resources:

P-49 Bridging the Gap

F-184 AA Temporary Contact / Bridging the Gap Volunteer 

​For information on requesting a Temporary Contact, please click here