Area 59 Library Request Form Area 59 has a library of audio and visual material from GSO and Grapevine. These materials are available for you to borrow. This is your opportunity to learn about “The History of AA”, “The Twelve Traditions”, and “The Three Legacies”. It is easy for you to obtain the audio-visual materials. Complete the form below and send it to the Area Secretary (via e-mail or regular mail). Please note that most items in CD or DVD format will be available for you to checkout from the Mobile Library, which the Area Secretary will have at all Area Meetings and select Area Events. Please return the materials as soon as you have finished using them. A postage paid envelope will be provided to you for their convenient return.


The Area 59 Lending Library was expanded during recent years to include the following titles: 1. AA for the Alcoholic with Special Needs (CDs in English and Spanish) 2. Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions (CDs in English <with Braille Labels> and Spanish) 3. Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions (DVDs in American Sign Language) 4. Alcoholics Anonymous (DVD in American Sign Language) 5. Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age (CDs in English) 6. AA in Correctional Facilities (DVD in English/Spanish/French) 7. PSA Compilation Video 2014 (DVD in English/Spanish/French) 8. A New Freedom (Corrections DVD in English to replace Sure Beats Sitting in a Cell) 9. Doors PSA (DVD in English) 10. Numerous Grapevine CD’s in Spanish. Please use these items for your workshops or other Fellowship events! Many of these videos can be found on