7:00 AM Top of the Hill (Nw) Chestnut Hill Community Center 8419 Germantown Ave (2nd Fl) 8419 Germantown Ave Northwest Philadelphia Discussion, Open
12:30 PM Vernon Park Thelma S Nichols Bldg 47 East Haines St 47 E Haines St Northwest Philadelphia Literature, Open
3:00 PM Sunshine St Luke's Episcopal Church 5421 Germantown Ave 5421 Germantown Ave Northwest Philadelphia Open
7:00 PM East Falls Big Book Falls Presbyterian Church 3800 Vaux St 3800 Vaux St Northwest Philadelphia Big Book, Open
8:00 PM Serendipity St Martin in-the-Field Church 8000 St Martin's Ln (Willow Grove Ave) 8000 St Martins Ln Northwest Philadelphia Open, Wheelchair Access