7:00 AM First Things First Media Borough Hall 301 North Jackson St (2nd Fl) 301 N Jackson St Media Discussion, Open, Wheelchair Access
Noon Bill's Wisdom Delaware Valley Christian Church 535 North Middletown Rd 535 N Old Middletown Rd Media Discussion, Open
6:00 PM Back to Basics First United Methodist Church of Media 350 West State St 350 W State St Media Discussion, Open
7:00 PM Safe Harbor Secular Step Nativity BVM Church 30 East Franklin St 30 E Franklin St Media Discussion, Open, Step Meeting, Wheelchair Access
7:30 PM Rosetree Women Women Reformation Lutheran Church 102 West Rose Tree Rd (& Rt 252) 102 W Rose Tree Rd Media Closed, Discussion, Women
8:00 PM Media Young Peoples First Baptist Church 18 East Third St 18 E 3rd St Media Big Book, Open