7:00 AM Men in the Morning Group Men Goshen Group, West Chester (D44) 9 N 5 Points Rd CHESTER COUNTY Closed, Discussion, Men
10:00 AM (SUSPENDED) Stepping Stones Men, Location Temporarily Closed Clubhouse, Tacony (D22 / GSO #171335) 4945 Friendship St Philadelphia County Location Temporarily Closed, Men, Open
10:00 AM (SUSPENDED) South Philadelphia Men, Location Temporarily Closed South Philly Clubhouse, Pennsport (D27 / GSO #112155) 1605 E Moyamensing Ave Philadelphia County Closed, Discussion, Location Temporarily Closed, Men, Wheelchair Access
Noon Chester-Woodlyn Men 1937 MacDade Blvd, Woodlyn (D54 / GSO #112235) 1937 MacDade Boulevard DELAWARE COUNTY Closed, Discussion, Men
5:30 PM Young Men's Men Atonement Lutheran Church, North Philadelphia (D60) 1542 E Montgomery Ave Philadelphia County Closed, Men, Newcomer
6:00 PM Auc-Tus (ONLINE) Men, Online Meeting Faith Lutheran Church, Millbrook (D22 / GSO #120904) 4150 Woodhaven Rd Philadelphia County Men, Online Meeting, Open, Speaker, Wheelchair Access
6:00 PM Virtual Men’s Meeting Online (ONLINE) Men, Online Meeting SEPIA Office (2nd Floor), South Philadelphia West 1903 S Broad St Philadelphia County Men, Online Meeting, Open
7:00 PM Glenside Men's Men Glenside United Church of Christ, Glenside (D24) 2160 Wharton Rd MONTGOMERY COUNTY Closed, Discussion, Men
7:30 PM Wyndmoor Men's Men Grace Lutheran Church, Wyndmoor (D24) 801 E Willow Grove Ave MONTGOMERY COUNTY Men, Open
8:00 PM (SUSPENDED) Sunday Night Men's Men, Location Temporarily Closed Glenside Center, Glenside (D24 / GSO #677976) 276 N Keswick Ave MONTGOMERY COUNTY Closed, Discussion, Location Temporarily Closed, Men
8:00 PM (SUSPENDED) Media Men Men, Location Temporarily Closed Reformation Lutheran Church, Media (D54 / GSO #133796) 102 W Rose Tree Rd DELAWARE COUNTY Closed, Location Temporarily Closed, Men